The Dinosaurs of Panamá

I came down here to Panamá figuring I’d stay for a year of so taking in the tropical paradise. I was warned that ther’s a wide variety of wildlife here, and that they are abundant. However; no one told me the area was full of Velociraptors as seen in Jurassic Park.

I’ll explain! We were sitting on the sofa the other day and heard a horrifying clawing sound around the window. We scanned the inside of the house for intruders and found none. We knew there were many species of exotic wildlife here, but we never expected to see this…

Looking at the window we couldn’t quite make it out but, there was something there.

We were considering running out the back door but then in one brave moment, we pulled the window blind down to revile a real-life Velociraptor. A dinosaur from Jurassic Park, one of the little meat eaters. Lucky for us this one was by himself, but we think he could have been a spy planning to bring the rest of his pack over for a meal.

The reality of it is that this was actually a small Iguana. Here in the city of David, Panamá, we find them all over the place. You can go to the local park and see larger ones being watched and fed by people enjoying nature.

So when you come to Panamá you will see a large variety of wildlife, some in places you didn’t expect!

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