I’m Ken from Ken’s Travel Adventures. I’m presently retired after serving in the U.S. Army Special Operations for 21 years, in addition to 17 years as a contractor for the Department of Defense and Department of State in Iraq and Afghanistan, where i worked Operations, Security and Intelligence. I’ve also been a computer administrator in Greece and several locations in the USA.

As you can imagine these jobs reguired a lot of travel to foreign countries where I worked, lived, and ate with locals from the Middle East, Far East, Europe, the Caribbean and Central and South Americas. All in all, I have traveled and lived in over 30 countries in luxury accommodations to some of the most rustic locations you can imagine for the government and as a tourist.

This has given me a special incite to travel around the world and the different types of planning required for each specific location. I have been luckey enough to meet people from many diffrent cultures and see places that the average person can only witness on documentaries or television.

I am hoping that this site give you a look at places and people so that you may be inspired to plan your own trips in order to see and visit some of the most exotic, historic, and enjoyable locations and people the world has to offer. Hopefully, the videos, photos, travel tips and equipment recommendations you find here will do just that.

Thank you for visiting my site,